My New CycleBar Ohana!

Irie x CycleBar

My New CycleBar Ohana!  - @cyclebartigard @cyclebar #cyclebar

At the end of each year there seems to be this energy of reflection. Yes, the present moment is all that really exists, but knowing where we've been can be helpful in clarifyng where we are headed moving forward. 

I've been singing and touring and recording professionally since 1999. SO many adventures, memories and heartaches along the way! ...Now my new adventure begins in Portland, OR! I move to Portland officially on January 11th, 2018! 

After completing a grueling 'bootcamp', I was offered a job as an indoor cycling instructor at a brand new studio in Tigard from the CycleBar Franchise. I fell in love with indoor cycling about 3 years ago and had recently added 'spin instructor' to my list of credentials in April at Ride Kailua on Oahu. 

But, after a painful divorce, I was invited to visit my best friend in Orgeon for her birthday. Long story short, I am now moving to Oregon to continue my career in the Fitness industry. 

When something life-altering happens to you, and especially when you are in the public eye and live on an island, you really get to see the darkness in people, exposed. I'm grateful for the cleansing I received by removing the wolves and vampires who showed their faces during the most difficult time of my life.  

MUSIC will always be a part of me, but for now, Fitness is my focus.... Mahalo nui loa to all who have and continue to genuinely support me!  I love you all! 

Irie Loves The Kids!

This is a photo of my Mana Mele class from Halau Ku Mana charter school. I had the honor of becoming an official Kumu (teacher) for the Mana Mele program for the fall semester of 2016. I had 42 students and 2 assistant teachers. It was quite a whirlwind journey teaching these 7th and 8th graders about Music, Cultural pride and Self-Love. Giving back is a Huge part of my musical journey and just my human experience as a whole. Im honored and grateful for programs like Mana Maoli and Mana Mele that provide me the opportunity to work with the youth; our future. I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store for Irie Love.