BIG TINGS in 2019 Baby!

Aloha e! Aloha e! Aloha e!

Sooooo much has changed for me both personally and professionally, over the last year and a half! 

I moved back to the mainland, lost my Gma Beth, got a divorce, removed a ton of toxic relationships from my life, lost 30 lbs and kept it off, I now acknowledge that I suffer from severe anxiety, depression and PTSD and have started regularly micro-dosing THC and CBD to keep a level, and I started a new full-time career in fitness (BURNCYCLE Seattle) and took a long much needed break from making music, after going hard in the paint for the last 19 years.... next year will be 20 years since I had my first paying gig, WOW! (making plans for a 20 year anniversary party in Hawaii fosho! Stay Tuned...)

I started working on mew music last month with some producers from Hawaii, Italy and here in Seattle where I am now based and teaching indoor cycling classes at BURNCYCLE

If you're in the Seattle area, look me up, book a bike and let's get fit together for 2019!!!

I should have some new music for you by summer time…

I'm still performing too so... follow me on the bandsintown app or instagram (@thisisirielove) to keep up with where I am and what I'm doing....

**I am an open book. If you wanna talk about trauma, anxiety, and/or Irie Medicine, slide into my DMs on instagram**

I love you guys so much! Big tings in 2019 baby!